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Property Management System

The property management system is a robust collection of software used to maintain information on KTH's facilities for budgetary, communication, and scheduling related means.

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The property management system (SpaceManager, PublicationManager, and PythagorasWeb) is operated by the Real Estate group  in the Property Department  (PD). On this page you will find information about the system as well as updates to rental specification files produced monthly following the confirmation of lease updates. Below you will find (1) links to central components of the system, (2) links to relevant webforms and (3) the rental specification database.

Rental Specification Database

During 2021 schools will be debited in accordance with the principles that were applied in 2020. Because of this, the property management system is currently not being used to allocate facility-related expenses. Solely changes that take place this year are taken into account.

KTH's 2021 business plan sets forth a task to investigate the prerequisits for an internal price model for university facilities and to deliver a process proposal for long-term facility maintenance. The latter is an undertaking that will take place simultaneously and in accordance with the review of KTH's resource allocation model. The responsibility for this undertaking lies chiefly with the University Administration's property and finance departments. An investigative modell has been defined and the investigation is expected to be underway during quarter four of 2021. In February of 2022 the university president is expected to formally determine how KTH's facility expenses will be allocated for year 2023 onward.

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Last changed: Dec 17, 2021