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Important phone numbers

Important phone numbers for more or less urgent matters are listed here.

SOS Alarm: 112
KTH’s internal emergency number (24 hours): 08 790 7700

Other important phone numbers

  • Medical advice 1177
  • SOS Alarm (information line) 113 13
  • Police (non-emergencies) 114 14
  • Swedish Work Environment Authority (occupational injuries)010-730 90 00
  • Swedish Work Environment Authority 24-hour line (occupational injuries) 08-737 15 55
  • SOS International +45 70-10 50 50
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Last changed: May 02, 2024
Accident or serious incident
Phone threats and bomb threats
Suspected hazardous packages or gifts
Threats or violence
Unauthorised persons in the workplace
In the event of fire
Personal injury or rapid decline
Terrorist attacks – advice
Important phone numbers