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Unauthorised persons in the workplace

Pay attention to anyone who may not be authorised to be on our premises. They could be preparing for a crime, such as theft, violence or threats.

Emergency security support

If emergency security support is needed in any difficult situation, call 08-790 77 00 and request security assistance. Be prepared to provide the following details:

  • Your name
  • KTH details (school, department/centre and address)
  • “We need immediate security support because…”

KTH’s internal emergency number, 08-790 77 00, is linked to an emergency call centre run by a security company. At busy times you may be placed in a queue, but the operator will respond as soon as possible. 08- 790 77 00 is a priority number at the emergency call centre. 

Help to prevent risks associated with unauthorised persons by:

  • Never letting anyone you don’t know onto KTH’s premises as you pass through locked doors.
  • Registering visitors in the system in advance where this option exists.
  • Making sure your visitors wear visitor badges to show that they are authorised to be on KTH’s premises, where this option exists.
  • Taking responsibility for your visit throughout its duration, meeting your visitors at the entrance and accompanying them back there afterwards.
  • Never allowing anyone else to use your personal codes.

Unauthorised persons in the workplace

  • What to do if you suspect there is an unauthorised person on KTH’s premises:
  • Tell a colleague about your suspicions.
  • Ask the suspected intruder, kindly: “Can I help you with anything?”.
  • Ask the person to show their visitor card or access pass.
  • If the person has no genuine business on the premises, ask them to leave.
  • If they refuse to leave, notify emergency security support on 08-790 77 00.

Break-in, theft and vandalism

  • If you discover there has been a break-in or vandalism, call KTH’s internal emergency number, 08-790 77 00.
  • If property is stolen or lost, call the police on 114 14 to report the incident.

Preventing theft

  • Report lost keys to or call 9200.
  • Report loss of an access pass to
  • Spare keys must be locked inside an approved locker.
  • If possible, lock the door to your office, and lock away any valuable items when you leave the office.
  • Ensure your computer is password protected when you leave it.
  • Do not keep your login details or login card together with your computer.
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