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In the event of fire

The order of the following measures depends on the situation and your ability.

Important information to know in case of fire

  • What is the nearest evacuation route?
  • Where is your nearest fire extinguisher and other safety equipment?
  • Do the premises have a fire alarm/evacuation alarm?
  • What should you do if the fire/evacuation alarm sounds?
  • Where is the assembly point?
  • Have you checked the evacuation plan?
  • If you have not received an introduction on fire safety/handling of explosive and flammable substances, contact the head of department /equivalent.

Rescue: people who are in danger.

Warn: others who are in danger.

  • Sound the fire/evacuation alarm.

Call SOS Alarm 112.

  • Tell them who you are and where you’re calling from.
  • Report what has happened and where.

Extinguish: extinguish the fire! If you cannot extinguish it safely, limit the fire and the spread of smoke by closing doors and windows. Do not put yourself at unnecessary risk.

Evacuate: take the nearest evacuation route and walk to the assembly point.

When the situation allows, call KTH’s internal emergency number: 08-790 77 00.

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