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Suspected hazardous packages or gifts

Packages/gifts to your home or workplace may contain unpleasant surprises.

Pay attention to the following

  • Oil/grease stains
  • Uneven/bumpy in appearance, or a package that seems more rigid than normal.
  • Incorrect weight: a package that’s unusually light or heavy relative to its size.
  • An excessive number of postage stamps.
  • Sender details that suggest anonymity is preferred.
  • A strange or unusual smell.
  • The package has been opened and/or resealed.
  • Visible metal strips, foil, wire etc.
  • Sounds such as ticking, buzzing, sloshing etc.
  • Text saying e.g. ‘personal’.
  • Packages suspected to contain powder.

What to do if you receive a suspicious package

  • Do not touch the package more than necessary.
  • Keep a safe distance away from the package.
  • Inform KTH’s internal emergency number, 08-790 77 00.
  • If the danger is imminent, evacuate the premises immediately.
  • For non-imminent danger, await instructions from the Head of Security.
  • Always inform your immediate manager.

In the event of suspected or confirmed contamination

  • Remove any clothes that have come into contact with the powder/substance. NB: Do not pull them over your head!
  • As soon as possible, wash your hands, arms and face
  • with soap and water.
  • Avoid close contact with other people.
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