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Visits to KTH

Each and every year, KTH receives a significant number of visitors who are interested in learning more about in KTH’s activities. This includes prospective students, professors from other educational institutions, journalists, elected officials, and contacts from the business community who come to visit.
Among the many reasons for the visits may be that they want to learn about and benefit in some manner from then expert knowledge and expertise at KTH’s Schools, receive information about the educational activities, or establish and further develop a collaborative effort.

Why does KTH receive visitors?

Via welcoming the visits, KTH can obtain additional promising students to apply, initiate new joint collaborations, and as well exchange experience and expertise with other parties. The visits strengthen KTH’s brand nationally and internationally, something which is becoming increasingly important for institutions of higher education.

Guided tour of the KTH Campus

Experience KTH’s activities and spirit of the times by means of a guided tour of art, architecture and history at the KTH Campus. Book a guided tour by a KTH guide.
For further information: Guided tours of KTH

Upcoming visits

If you want to know what is soon to take place or what is planned in the long run, go to our KTH calendar .

Would you like some assistance or advice and support?

What to do to arrange a visit to KTH?
Do you have questions about to book rooms/premises, order lunches and coffee/cakes, book hotel rooms or arrange for special equipment for the premises? Use KTH’s Processes for Visits, which provides basic principles and information about how visits are arranged at KTH.
If you have any further questions, feel free to contact  who will be more than happy to assist with support and advice those who are arranging a visit to KTH.


School visits

Any questions regarding national student recruitment, visiting KTH or other student-related questions:
E-mail . For further information: Meet KTH

Visits regarding international students:
During periods when the visiting activities are actual, interested groups can make an inquiry.

Other visits

Other questions concerning visits to KTH can be answered by .

University Administration
Communications Department
Brinellvägen 8
100 44 Stockholm
Phone: +46 (0)8-790 60 00