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Custodial Services

The unit Custodial Services is responsible for the cleaning service at KTH Campus. The unit is responsible for cleaning lecture halls and compartments, as well as coordinating house-cleaning, window cleaning and entrance mats.

Basic cleaning

2020 we will be introducing basic cleaning at KTH Campus, which means that cleaning will be performed at a level that we consider necessary to maintain its standard. There a number of optional extra services and charges, see below.

Lecture halls and compartments

The lecture halls are cleaned every morning before 8.00 a clock. Practice rooms are cleaned every other day, during the semester. Compartments and toilets are cleaned every weekday. When organizing events, extra cleaning might be needed both before and after the event. The room should be left as you found it. For all bookings after the semester extra cleaning must be ordered .

Window cleaning is done once a year. Every second year two sides are cleaned and every second year 4 sides.

Entrance mats are located in all open entrances with some exceptions during the period 1st of September until last of April.

Entrance mats behind locked card readers can be ordered from the Custodial Service via beställningsblanketten  and are charged to the school.

Moving, changing room or renovation

When moving out, an order of relocation cleaning must take place as soon as possible. If the premises changes such as changing floor materials, changing walls, etc. this must be notified to the custodial services so that the right cleaning is carried out in the right room.

In the daily cleaning frequency the handling of carpets isn´t included. This must be ordered separately and an extra fee is charged to the customer. See list of additional services below.

To consider, in order for us to provide the best possible service

The cleaner can only clean free surfaces and areas. Avoid having wires, cartons etc. on the floor! It´s important that orders come to us well in advance for us to be able to plan our work. In the event of emergency order (within 7 days), a special fee will be charged.

Extra services

The Custodial Services also carries out extra services against an additional fee. Services are ordered by the contact person of the contract. To facilitate our planning, please let us know at least one week in advance if you want any extra service performed. Emergency cleaning is performed in terms of time and a special tariff.

Example of extra services that the Custodial Services will provide occasional:

Charge 265:-/h

  • Housecleaning
  • Window cleaning of interior windows/walls
  • Floor care
  • Oil treatment of wood
  • Dish removing
  • Maintenance of coffee machines
  • Washing of towels
  • Cleaning of fridge and freezer
  • Conference cleaning

Extra services for regular orders:

Price is based on 265:-/h

Dishwashers, to fill or to empty once a day. Please ask for a bid.
Emptying office bins once a week (Charges fo each bin/week)

Please note that changes of an order can only be made twice a year (30th of June and 31st of December).

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