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The administration’s group that works with infrastructure dedicates itself to inquiries and requests within the school’s infrastructure. Everything from smaller and simpler tasks on the premises such as reporting and follow up of problems, making sure that larger and heavier furniture or instruments get where they need to and all the way to aiding with build-up and refurbishment. We are also working with safety issues throughout the school.

Contact Function
Head of Infrastructure
Works with i.a. lab safety, fire safety, chemicals management, KLARA and changes regarding our premises. Visits all CBH campuses on a regular basis.
Visiting address: Teknikringen 50, floor 3
Lab Safety Coordinator
Natalya works with questions regarding lab and environmental safety at CBH. Contact her regarding questions for permits.
Visiting address: Roslagstullsbacken 21
Purchasing Manager
Overall responsibility within the school for issues concerning purchase and procurement as well as Wisum (KTH's e-commerce system). Contact person between the school and KTH's procurement group.
Visiting address:  Teknikringen 30, floor 6
Works with receiving and distributing parcels and letters and orders office supplies on Campus Valhallavägen.
Visiting address: Goods reception, Teknikringen 50, floor 3
Lab Safety Coordinator
Works with infrastructure issues within the school, mainly on Campus Valhallavägen and Campus AlbaNova where he is the lab safety coordinator. The work includes i.a. reporting errors, changes of premises as well as lab and fire safety.
Visiting address:  Teknikringen 50, floor 3
Works mainly with the department Fibre and Polymer Technology with lab related issues.
Visiting address:  Teknikringen 50, floor 3
Mikael works with our premises and things like fire safety, renovation projects and reporting faults. If you need furniture, Mikael is the right person to contact, both new or from CBH's stock of used furniture.
Visiting address:  Teknikringen 50, floor 3
Helps with local-related questions, mail and packages, goods receipt, printers, etc.
Visiting address: Hälsovägen 11C
Peter helps with local-related questions, error reporting, mail and packages, goods receipt, printers, etc.
​​​​​​​Visiting address: Teknikringen 50, floor 3 and Roslagstullsbacken 21, floor 2
Laboratory Technician
Stefan is Laboratory Technician at Fiber and Polymer Technology where he coordinate the work, manage the purchase of chemicals and take care of instruments.
​​​​​​​Visiting address: Teknikringen 50