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KTH contributes to the surrounding society through research, education and cooperation. To find ways to measure our contribution to and impact on society KTH started the project Impact in 2015.

Taxpayers ask for their return of their investment in us. In future, government and funding agencies will ask more often to report the impact of our activities. Independent evaluations are nowadays used to legitimize sensitive decisions (e.g. funding allocation). Being aware and report our impact in a good way is crucial for your own success. In particular, the next EU Framework programme will most likely have impact as one its major priorities.

The KTH project “Impact” has been active since 2015 and is managed with support from Vinnova. The goals of our work with impact is it to produce material and recommendations for how KTH should describe its role in society more efficiently, improve mapping effects and better identify areas of development.

The project Impact is led by a project leader together with an impact launch leader at each of KTH’s schools. The project reviews the possibility to implement a common set of guidelines and measuring system called “KTH pathway to Impact”. The word impact is defined as an effect, change or advantage for economy, society, culture, policies or services, health, environment or quality of life beyond academia.

Activites within impact

KTH has a general strategy for Impact. The overall project is described on KTH's Intranet. 

During 2018-19, a plan for the school's own local activites and strategies has been written.

At the former School of Electrical Engineering, a course in impact was offered to doctoral students during the fall/winter of 2017. In the course "From research to impact" there were lectures given by the school's faculty as well as representatives from KTH's communication unit and KTH Innovation. Visit the course web for more information on content and starting dates for the course .

Course website


At the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science there is two impact leaders and one communicator working with the project.

Impact leaders