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US research funding

Here you will find information on where to apply for US research funding, and special criteria and processes to take into consideration.

There are various opportunities for KTH researchers to apply for funding and participate in projects funded from the US. You can apply either as a prime recipient or as a subrecipient/sub-awardee. In most cases, the KTH researchers are subrecipients and researchers from a US institution are prime recipients. There are both federal and private funding agencies, and they all have different criteria and conditions. If you wish to apply for funding from a US funding body, please contact the Research Support Office (RSO) as soon as possible.

Find funding

Federal funding agencies

Most US federal funding agencies use the online portal: .
Guide to find out if you are eligible for Federal funding opportunities . Information on how to go about applying for funding on can be found here  and also on YouTube .

These federal funding agencies have previously granted funds to KTH researchers:

  • NIH  National Institute of Health. Information on applying to the NIH can be found here .
  • NSF  National Science Foundation
  • DARPA  Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency
  • AFOSR  Air Force Office of Scientific Research

Private funding agencies

There are a great many private funding agencies, all of which have their own criteria and conditions for who can apply and for what type of projects. You will need to know the eligibility criteria and application process for each agency.

These private funding agencies have previously granted funds to KTH researchers:

  • CZI  Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

Important information when applying for US funding

Processing times can be very long as you need to complete both internal and external documents. Contract lawyers often have to check the conditions in as early as the application phase, and applications need to be signed as per the prevailing order of delegation. Project and budget administration are managed by financing officers at your school.

Many American funding agencies only cover indirect costs at a basic level, which means that co-funding from the school will be a requirement. Therefore, your school must approve your application.

Please note that some research projects with American funding are subject to US legal regulations, which may have implications regarding Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). Therefore, we recommend that you find out about the rules for the grant you are interested in before you submit an application

In order to ensure that KTH can approve and sign your application, please contact the Research Support Office at least ten days before the deadline.

Support provided by RSO

The Research Support Office mainly provides application support pre-award.

An individual researcher is not able to apply directly via ; applications must be submitted by the central administration at KTH. You finalise your application, and an AOR, Authorixed Organisation Representative, at RSO then submits the application.

RSO can help you to register a user at eRA-Common if needed.

Quick facts

  • KTH is registered in .
  • KTH’s UEI number is EH8RB9T39YP5
  • KTH’s D-U-N-S number is 3505822680000


For general questions on funding from the US, get in touch with Jenny Karlsson at RSO, or e-mail .

If you have legal inquiries related to US funding, contact the Civil Law and Contracts Unit via .

For questions on finance or financial reporting related to US projects, please contact your local school finance unit.