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RSO and project management support

A project can begin once an agreement with the funding agency has been signed. The assigned project leader at KTH and the financial administrator are then responsible for the project execution and for reporting back to the funding agency. The Research Support Office (RSO) continues to provide support and advice during the course of the project.

Specialised support when KTH is coordinator

RSO has a team of administrative project coordinators. After a written agreement has been reached with the school and the project leader, they offer professional assistance with project coordination, follow-up and reporting in accordance with the funding agency’s requirements, and in line with local and national regulations.

The support is primarily intended for EU-funded collaborative research projects and aims to ensure high quality in KTH’s management of EU projects. Its scope depends on the project type, size and activities, as well as the project leader’s level of experience and support requirements.

The service is reimbursed directly from the EU project’s budget based on actual hours reported by the administrative project coordinator, and is appended to the invoice RSO sends to the school.

Below are some examples of support provided by RSO.

Examples of support provided by RSO:

Project meetings

  • Organise and participate in the kick-off meeting and present the administrative and financial issues of the project.
  • Assist in planning/scheduling, organization, administration and implementation of the project's management meetings in accordance with the consortium agreement and other needs of the project.
  • Support at preparation for the project review meetings required by EU.


  • Continuous follow-up of project’s deliverables and resources.
  • Risk management, follow-up and reporting of the major deviations from the project plan.
  • If necessary, support the financial officer at the school with budget and payments follow-up.
  • Contract amendments – preparation and administration (RSO is formally responsible for the signature of the request for contract amendment to be submitted to EU).


  • Regular communication with EU Project Officer.
  • Forwarding formal information and documentation from EU to other partners.
  • Assistance with solving conflict situations in the project.
  • Contact point towards other services at KTH's University administration.


  • Make sure that all reports and deliverables are submitted in time.
  • Practical support with periodic and final reporting (and regular follow-up of these) – development of project-adapted templates, gathering and compilation of input from partners, submission of the reports to the funding body.

Overall support to project leaders

  • Support with interpretation of the funding rules and principals.
  • Support with contract amendments.
  • Advisory support with IP/IPR issues.
  • Advisory support with periodic and final reporting.
  • Legal support at conflict situation with other partners or the funding agency.

Specific support for financial managers at the schools

KTH central co-funding for EU-projects

  • Research Support Office is responsible for approval of the applications for receiving the central co-funding provided by KTH for research projects funded by EU. Detailed information is available on KTH intranet  (in Swedish only).