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Internal ethics review of research projects

The Ethics Committee of KTH can provide a written assessment to KTH’s researchers regarding specific research projects. This statement of opinion can be provided in English.

The assessment is based on the written documentation submitted by the applicant. The Ethics Committee does not review aspects of projects that must be vetted by law. Aspects of the research that are not described in the dossier may be subject to review according to law. If the research plan is amended, this may mean that the research becomes subject to review. The assessment does not involve an ethics review in the legal sense, nor a preview of any such process. Neither does it mean that the individual researcher’s responsibilities are in any sense diminished. Research that must be ethically reviewed by law is vetted by the Swedish Ethical Authority.

The application for an assessment must be sent to . In the subject line, only the word opinion” should be written. The application must include a dossier consisting at least of the purpose description, thesis or equivalent statement, a detailed methodological description, in particular as regards selection and implementation, and (tentative) answers to the following questions:

  1. Which ethical issues are raised by the project?
  2. What measures are planned or have been taken to reduce, eliminate or otherwise address ethical problems?
  3. What is the benefit of the project? Who can take advantage of the expected benefit of the project?
  4. How does the applicant plan to use the committee’s statement of opinion?

The application is not shared with unauthorised persons. If the application must include particularly sensitive information, please contact to agree on how to transfer the data.

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