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Labs and research infrastructures

KTH is home to a large amount of labs and infrastructures to be used for research, both by researchers internally  and external parties. KTH divides its infrastructures into established, national and other research environments. If you want to use one of the these in your research, contact the environment's director.

Established research infrastructures

KTH's established research infrastructures are strategic and have a long-term plan for organisation, quality assessment, funding, and societal impact.

Description of each established infrastructure

  • Advance Light Microscope Laboratory (ALM)

  • Affinity Proteomics 

  • AlbaNova Nanolab (ANL)

  • Autoimmunity and Serology Profiling  

  • Clinical Genomics Stockholm 

  • Electrum Laboratory

  • Hultgren Laboratory

  • Human Antibodies Therapeutics

  • KTH Laser Lab

  • Molecules and Materials at Interfaces (2MiLab)

  • Odqvist Laboratory

  • Protein Expression and Characterization

  • PDC Center for High Performance Computing

  • Spatial Proteomics

  • Sustainable Power Laboratory

  • Visualization studio (VIC)

National infrastructures

KTH is host or partner in several national research infrastructures. They are funded by the Swedish Research Council (VR).

Description of each national infrastructure


  • National Genome Infrastructure (NGI)
  • National Microscopy Infrastructure (NMI)


  • Accelerator based Ion Technology Centre
  • Biodiversitey Atlas Sweden (BAS) and Swedish LifeWatch (SLW) (SBDI)
  • Fusion Infrastructure (InfraFusion)
  • Myfab
  • National Academic Infrastructure for Super­computing in Sweden (NAISS)
  • National Bioinformatics Infrastructure Sweden (NBIS)
  • National Infrastructure for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (SwedNMR)
  • National Research Infrastructure for Data Visualisation (InfraVis)
  • National Language Bank and Swe-Clarin
  • Protein Production Sweden (PPS)
  • Swedish National Data Service (SND)
  • Swedish Research Infrastructure for Advanced Electron Microscopy (ARTEMI)

Node for international research infrastructures:

  • Advanced Gamma Tracking Array (AGATA)

  • A Torroidal LHC ApparatuS (ATLAS)
  • A Large Ion Collider Experiment (ALICE)
  • Center for X-Rays in Swedish Material Science (CeXS)

Other research environments

Descriptions of the research environments

  • Bioimaging Laboratory
  • Fusion reactor, EXTRAP T2R
  • Greenhouse Labs
  • Language Bank for Speech (Språkbanken Tal)
  • Solar Lab Facility
  • Space Technology Laboratory (STL)