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Call for AI in the service of climate


Published Apr 01, 2020

The offer is aimed at those who want to carry out the project that, with the help of artificial intelligence (AI), contributes to Sweden having no net emissions of greenhouse gases by 2045 or to adapt society to the climate changes we cannot prevent. The call for proposal is a joint effort by Vinnova and Formas.

What can you apply for?

To develop research ideas and knowledge in AI and climate to a higher degree of maturity, that contributes to tools for decision support with potential to provide significant emission reductions or necessary adaptations to climate change in the long term.

Who can apply?

The participant constellations must consist of at least three parties, of which at least one must be a research organization and at least one company or public organization (need owner). The projects should clearly link to the needs of business or the public sector, and thus these actors should play an important and active role.

How much can you apply for?

Funding of up to 80 percent of a project´s eligible costs. Projects funded run between two and three years, with a grant of between five and seven million SEK.

Important dates

Opens for application: 1 april 2020

Last application date: 25 August 2020 at 14.00

How to apply

To apply for funding, you need to log in and complete an application form in our eServices portal. The application form contains questions about your project, the participants taking part in the project and your budget. 

More information and application (