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Internal web pages of KTH research platforms

KTH's strategic research platforms have been created to develop, both internally and externally, multidisciplinary research collaborations that will lead to end-user-adapted results in six key areas; Digitalisation, Energy, Industrial Transformation, Life Science, Materials, and Transport.


Future nuclear energy 2023

9-10 October 2023

Welcome to attending the French Swedish Research Days. Topics that will be discussed are nuclear energy, declined in the sub-topics of new nuclear energy (SMR and EPR), extending the life of nuclear power plants, education and skills in nuclear energy, nuclear innovation (AMR), non-electric uses of nuclear power, and the long-term management of nuclear waste.


Near-Term Scientific and Engineering Applications with NISQ Systems

10-11 October 2023

Welcome to a workshop targeting the Noisy intermediate-scale quantum (NISQ) technologies, methods and algorithms, with a great focus on the applications and practical aspects of this. Besides presentations, the organisers will gather input from all the experts to develop a roadmap/agenda on the future of quantum computing.


Industry transforms – towards circular economy

19 October 2023

During KTH Transformation Day 2023, we spotlight Circular Economy (CE) and how it can contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals. The industrial transformation process involves many scientific challenges, organisational challenges, and the need for change in education. The workshop gathers KTH researchers related to CE and industry partners.


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