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Internal web pages of KTH strategic research platforms

KTH's strategic research platforms have been created to develop, both internally and externally, multidisciplinary research collaborations that will lead to end-user-adapted results in six key areas; Digitalisation, Energy, Industrial Transformation, Life Science, Materials, and Transport.



The energy of the future - Exhibition with lunch seminars

23 February–30 March 2023

Right now you can visit the exhibition Towards the energy of the future - the invisible revolution behind the electrical outlet displayed at KTH Library. The exhibition is a collaboration between the library and KTH Energy Platform. It is based on the eponymous book available online in English and Swedish. The exhibition includes a vernissage and live lunchtime presentations of selected chapters.

Presentations calendar

Internal seminar

Fusion research at KTH

24 April 2023

Welcome to an internal seminar on fusion organised by KTH Energy Platform due to the fact KTH is starting a centre for fusion research this year. In recent months, fusion power has received much attention in the media. New records have been reported from both the USA and England - the latter with essential contributions from KTH researchers. In Stockholm, a new company, Novatron Fusion Group, has also started developing a new design of the magnetic fields to enclose the hot fusion fuel to be tested at KTH.


Matchmaking: Data Science and Medical/Clinical/Healthcare Research Call 2024

27 April 2023

Welcome to a matchmaking in SciLifeLab between Data Science and Medical/Clinical/Healthcare researchers at KTH and Region Stockholm, related to the Health, Medicine and Technology (HMT) Project Call 2024.


Energy Materials

11 May 2023

Energy Materials is the topic of the next KTH Materials Platform Day organised on 11 May 2023. This annual event is for materials-related research at KTH, including scientific presentations and policy information. The workshop is intended for a general audience.

Calendar - all platform events and deadlines

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