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KTH puts the food industry in focus for a sustainable transformation

A group of people in a lecture hall listenting to a seminar.
The KTH Transformation Day 2022 attracted many participants when the food industry transformation was discussed.
Published Oct 25, 2022

More than 140 people from academia and industry gathered at KTH in October 2022 to discuss the transformation of the food industry. The food industry accounts for a quarter of carbon dioxide emissions and is thus facing a gigantic transition, from production, transport to changed eating habits. Many participants reflected on how important it is that KTH now takes the initiative and leads the transition.

KTH Transformation Day 2022 was arranged by KTH's platform for Industrial Transformation in collaboration with KTH's new multidisciplinary initiative KTH Food.

Read a report from the day: The food industry transformation discussed during platform day

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