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Intense discussions during KTH and Region Stockholm matchmaking

30 researchers met in SciLifeLab

A man with dark hair and glasses presenting in front of an audience.
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Published May 15, 2023

There were apparent matches and intense discussions when around 30 data science and medical/clinical researchers met during a matchmaking event in April. The event was held in SciLifeLab and was related to the KTH and Region Stockholm Health, Medicine and Technology Project Call 2024 (HMT).

The HMT Project Call matchmaking event  was organised by the KTH Digitalisation  & Life Science  Platforms. This year for the second time.

Why did you arrange this matchmaking event?

A man with a blue shirt and dark hair.
Peter Savolainen. Photo: KTH

"We wanted to bring together scientists from KTH and Region Stockholm to facilitate their search for suitable research partners for the Health, Medicine, and Technology (HMT) Project Call 2024 , primarily researchers within data science at KTH and medical/clinical research within Region Stockholm," says Peter Savolainen, Director, KTH Life Science Platform.

Approximately how many researchers participated from KTH respectively Region Stockholm?

"15 from each, a totally of 30."

How would you summarise the event?

"The event was very successful. We had brought together numerous researchers from KTH, Karolinska Institutet, and Region Stockholm that had not met before, which was our main objective. Almost all participants presented a two-minute pitch presentation. Thus, in a short time, we have introduced several researchers to each other that have overlapping interests. In the following mingle, there were intense discussions."

How will the result of the matchmaking event be further handled?

"We hope to see many calls within data science and medical/clinical research in the coming HMT call. Last year, we saw an increase in calls about this subject, which indicates that last year’s workshop was successful. We will also analyse the applicants' statistics to this year’s MHT call to evaluate the results of the matchmaking event."

Will this be a recurrent event?

"This was the second year. We will probably repeat it next year if Region Stockholm and KTH wish."