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About press releases

Think about the purpose of your communication before ordering a press release, it increases the chance that it will actually be used.

Photo: Roman Kraft, Unsplash.

Is it really a press release you need?

The kind of news that are best suited for a press release are those that:

  • can generate interest from external target groups
  • are clearly relevant in regards to current societal challenges
  • contain something that is perceived as new and unexpected.

Otherwise your press release may not be picked up by news outlets, and will therefore not become a published news article. A press release is therefore not always the best way to reach out – even if your have something important to tell. Sometimes it works better with other channels, or with communication directed to a specific audience. In such cases, we will propose an alternative.

If you are unsure, look at the questions in the form and see if they fit your news – or contact us!

Trade press

In spite of the above – if you already have secured dissemiation in trade press, then you can just go ahead!

Form for press releases