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JML under way at the ITM School

Changing our workplace in terms of gender equality, diversity and equal conditions (JML) is not a one-man-job. Here, you can read what is under way, get inspired by JML enthusiasts and see what our leaders do within the area.

Portrait of Martin Grimheden

Remembering the force of MeToo

Five years after MeToo started, Martin Edin Grimheden reflects on the impact of the movement and how it still influences equality issues – even after leaving the media spotlight.

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Portrait Kalle Garme
Kalle Garme works with naval architecture at the SCI school and has taken the course "Gender Theory and Gender Equality in Technical Higher Education".

”Everyone at KTH should take the course”

Kalle Garme took the "Gender Theory and Gender Equality in Technical Higher Education" course and explains why he thinks all KTH employees should attend it.

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“If he still lived, I'd ask him how he made such an impact”

Martin Edin Grimheden went to a funeral for an old colleague and returned with an eagerness to make an impact in people's lives. A man told his story about coming to KTH from abroad, being distressed ...

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“We must look at each other as equals”

Liridona Sopjani means that seeing each others as equal humans can help us solve some hard global issues. If we listen to everyone's opinion and don’t judge because of looks, age or title we can reach...

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More news about gender equality, diversity and equal conditions

JML chronicles 

ITM School organisation and activities

  1. If you experience something that should be reported, contact your nearest manager or HR manager at the ITM school. .
  2. A conscious leadership is needed to make a change. ITM's Management team works strategically to implement gender equality, diversity and equal conditions in various processes.
  3. In addition, there is a need for increased awareness of the issues among all employees. Local JML groups initiate activities such as workshops, training and inclusive coffee to complement the leaders' strategic work.

JML work at ITM

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Last changed: Jan 03, 2023