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Photonics-assisted free-space communication across the THz band

Time: Wed 2022-06-01 10.00

Location: Room 4205, Hannes Alfvéns väg 12

Language: English

Participating: Xiaodan Pang

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High-speed wireless communication links at certain parts of the future generations of ICT infrastructure are envisioned to operate beyond the current microwave and millimeter-wave bands. Photonics-assisted techniques can facilitate the intrinsic broadband nature of the THz and the mid-infrared (mid-IR) regimes. Hybrid electro-optical techniques are proposed for high-speed data transmission at < 1 THz. In such schemes, the frequency conversion that is transparent to complex phase and amplitude modulation formats is identified as the key factor in enabling the high-bandwidth THz signal generation. An end-to-end high data rate link can be established supporting both high-speed and high stability data transmissions with the help of advanced modulation and digital signal processing techniques. For the mid-IR regime, directly modulated quantum cascade laser (QCL) has emerged as a potential semiconductor source for free-space terrestrial communications. Recent breakthroughs in high-speed modulation and room-temperature operation have opened the opportunities to achieve multi-gigabit data rate with such a scheme.

This presentation will summarize our recent research activities in both the frequency regimes in terms of high-speed data transmission demonstrations. In both frequency regimes, photonic technologies have appeared as the key enabling factor to ensure excellent signal quality, system performance, and sustainable upgrade capability to fulfil future requirements. Finally, an outlook for research challenges and opportunities in next steps will be given from the speaker's perspectives.