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Annual budget

The school's budget for the coming year will be submitted in mid-December the year before. The budget is made at department level and aggregated at school level.

The budget is usually done by the unit manager for each research group in consultation with the financial administor and submitted to the school.

Revised budget

It is possibility to revise the budget in May, if major changes affecting the school budget have occurred or become known.


In September, a forecast for the current year will be submitted to UF. At the same time in September, a first annual budget will be submitted for the following year.

OH costs

Coverage or OH costs, joint costs and indirect costs are different terms of something that is basically the same, i.e. shared costs, distributed on multiple projects and units using a distribution key.

From January 2010, KTH will use the SUHF model to allocate OH costs.
The distribution base consists of salary costs and scholarships. The percentage is calculated the year before in September / October.

Overview of all SCI departments OH costs

2022 SUHF per institution (xlsx 13 kB)

Calculation templates

To calculation templates

Contact your local economist if you have any questions:

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