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Evacuation Leaders mission

Every school has a Fire Protection Officer, for SCI it is Erik Edstam. Each institution then has a number of Evacuation Leaders who is responsible for a geographical area.

Evacuation Leaders mission in case of emergency

  • Find out what has happened and try, without risk of your own life or health, to limit the potential size of the fire.
  • Call +46 (8) 790 7700 (KTH alarm number) or 112 (the Swedish national emergency number.
  • Inform all people to immediately evacuate the premises:
    • Help people to get out from the building through a area free from fire smoke.
    • Do not discuss with someone who does not want to leave the building, instead, get yourself out.
    • Remember to check the toilets and any locker rooms.
    • Report to Fire Protection Officer, KTH Security Group or external Rescue Service Officer.
    • Make sure that the front doors are guarded so that no one enters the building as long as there is danger.

Evacuation Leaders mission when there is no emergency situation

  • Participate in various preventive evacuation work and, if necessary, update the evacuation routines.
  •  Ensure that a complete evacuation plan is visible within your evacuation area of responsibility and, if not, report it to the Fire Protection Officer at the school.
  • Make sure that the evacuation reassemble point is well known among the employees in your evacuation area of responsibility and find out how evacuation will work when you as evacuation leader is absent.
  • Inform your employees that they are obliged to help their guests and students to he evacuation reassemble point, alternatively, make sure they are informed about the evacuation plan.
  • Ensure that the escape routes are kept free from blocks.
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