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KTH’s ushers

The participation of KTH students as ushers has long been a natural and important part of academic ceremonies at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. As an usher, you are offered a unique opportunity to take part in KTH’s traditional ceremonies.

“Usher” is a title for a person participating in a ceremony or great occasion. KTH’s ushers are all students at KTH, but participate as ceremonial officials at the academic ceremonies that take place several times a year. 

The importance of the ushers for these academic ceremonies should not be underestimated, as they fulfil several practical and vital functions for the ceremonies. Moreover, the ushers represent the university’s entire student community and its organisations and are an important part of the solemn setting required by each ceremony.

This – alongside the fact that the academic ceremonies often attract a great deal of interest from guests of honour, as well as the media and the general public – naturally places particularly stringent demands on participating students to behave impeccably and dress correctly.

The head usher speaks to promovendi and invited guests at City Hall. Photo: Studio slakthuset