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KTH campus relocation

On 22 November 2023, the University Board made a decision to concentrate KTH operations to three campuses. This was after conducting a comprehensive review of KTH's five campuses since the spring of 2023, with the aim of developing a proposal for how research and education activities should be developed and the cost of premises.

Additional information for students can be found on the Student web

The work on developing plans for the various relocations is ongoing and is being carried out on a broad front with a group led by the Deputy President and with project managers for four sub-projects. The sub-projects are:

  • Relocation of production technology from Södertälje to the KTH campus.
  • Relocation of the technical foundation year from Södertälje to Flemingsberg.
  • Relocation of computer science and electrical engineering from Kista - with the exception of the Electrum lab.
  • Planning for the new activities in Södertälje and Kista.

The project managers work at each school and Anna Jerbrant  is responsible from ITM, Gunnar Malm , EECS and Sebastiaan Meijer , CBH. When it comes to how collaborations and activities will be developed in Kista and Södertälje after the move, the structure of the partnerships with Ericsson and Scania is used.

Deputy President Mikael Lindström  is coordinating the work as a whole and Anna Jerbrant , ITM, also contributes with methodological support.

The work is led by a group consisting of Mikael Lindström, programme manager, Helene Rune, programme coordinator, Anna Jerbrant, project manager for the campus relocation from Södertälje, Gunnar Malm, project manager for the campus relocation from Kista, Sebastiaan Meijer, project manager for the campus relocation of the technical foundation year, as well as representatives from the student union THS, the property department, the finance office, the education office and the communications department.

In addition, a special group has been appointed, led by Mikael Lindström, to work on renewing collaborations in Kista and Södertälje. Annica Stensson Trigell with a focus on Södertälje; Scania, Rebecca Hollertz - focus Södertälje, Mikael Skoglund - focus Kista; Ericsson, Johan Blaus - focus Kista, Mikael Lindström - focus Södertälje municipality and Stockholm city respectively

Timetable outline:

  • Campus relocation from Södertälje: 22 November 2023-31 August 2025
  • Campus relocation from Kista: 22 November 2023-31 August 2026
  • Localisation of foundation year to Flemingsberg: 22 November 2023-31 August 2025.
  • Renewed collaboration in Södertälje: 1 February 2024-31 December 2026
  • Renewed collaboration in Kista: 1 February 2024 - 31 December 2026

On 27 February 2024, it was decided to conduct a review regarding the Electrum Laboratory and on 12 March 2024, a decision was made on an additional assignment to review KTH's learning environments.

The formal decisions can be found on the Swedish version of this page  (in Swedish)

News about the relocation of KTH's campuses