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  • Ethics advisor assigned to support researchers with ethical permit applications

    Since autumn 2021, Amena Archer has been assigned as an ethics advisor to support KTH researchers with information and guidance with ethics applications for research activities involving humans and animals. Amena Archer works 25 per cent of her time with the task for two years, based on funding from the KTH Life Science Platform.

  • KERIC information seminar recording available

    In June 2022, KTH Life Science Platform held an information seminar together with KERIC, Karolinska Experimental Research and Imaging Centre, about the resources and support the core facility is offering to researchers for animal experiments. The seminar was recorded.

  • Application for clinical investigation/medical devices seminar recording available

    In October 2022, KTH Life Science Platform and the Swedish Medical Products Agency organised an online information seminar focused on the regulatory aspects of applications and notifications regarding clinical investigation of medical devices. The seminar was recorded.

  • Info seminar for ethical application film available

    In March 2022 KTH Life Science Platform, together with the Swedish Ethical Review Authority (Etikprövningsmyndigheten), organised an information seminar about ethics review application for research involving human, human tissue or sensitive personal data. Now the recording of the seminar is available.

  • Positive feedback on ethics review application support

    Since October 2021, the ethics review application advisor Amena Archer has supported 35 cases where KTH researchers needed help. She has also arranged ethics support webinars and provided information for an internal support page. The two-year interim service, based on funding from the KTH Life Science Platform, is now being evaluated.

  • Does your research need an ethical review?

    Do my studies of people's mobility patterns on footpaths need an ethics review? Using RSO's checklist makes it easier to understand when researchers need to apply for an ethical review.

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