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  • ZEUS Webinar

    Due to the ongoing trend of urbanisation, the impact of supply deliveries on citizens and the city itself is increasing in terms of congestion, noise and emissions. Researching the use case of off peak deliveries together with silent solutions for transportation and load handling, a guideline is being developed on how to improve the liveability in urban areas, without compromising efficiency.

  • Straighter communication routes for business contacts

    It will be easier for companies to find their way in to KTH. And the needs of researchers for business collaboration are to be given some attention: How will they collaborate and what support do they need for it?

  • KTH–Scania Co-operation Strengthens Swedish Industrial Competitiveness

    KTH and the Swedish heavy vehicle manufacturer Scania will expand their competence exchange programme, enhancing co-operation aimed at strengthening KTH research and education while improving Scania's access to advanced expertise.

  • Nobel economics theory supports KTH research into small business financing

    Research in contract theory, which was recognized by the Nobel Prize in Economics, is being used at KTH Royal Instiute of Technology to examine the impact of the financial crisis on small businesses.

  • Countdown begins for entrepreneurs

    Budding entrepreneurs at KTH have until April 30 to apply for the University class of 2016 and to compete for USD 100,000 in start-up funds. Now in its second year as a member university of the network, KTH will host the World Founder Forum 2015 in June.

  • “We aim to double the number of business ideas”

    It will now be easier for researchers to turn their research ideas into business ideas. With new funding of SEK 20 million and a stronger organization, business coaches at KTH Innovation will attempt to double the number of innovations coming onto market.

  • Meet with Vinnova - Sweden's innovation agency

    Vinnova is Sweden's government agency for innovation and the national contact authority for the EU framework programme for Research and Innovation. Take this opportunity to meet and discuss with a research officer from Vinnova on 11 September.

  • Obama saw future fuel cell from EE

    On his visit to KTH, Barack Obama was showcased PowerTrekk, a fuel cell and battery charger that runs on water - a spin-off from EE. The proud inventors of the future energy hybrid fuel cell are Wouter van der Wijngaart and Sjoerd Hassl from Micro and Nanosystems.

  • EECS researchers awarded prestigious fellowships

    EECS captures four out of five elevations to IEEE fellow awarded to Swedish academia.

  • Wuxi Sino-Swedish Eco-City Project (completed)

    The project aims at investigating the energy system and innovation process for an upcoming EcoCity in China. With a growth in urbanization, cities are expected to be at the heart of future innovation in energy efficiency. Wuxi Sino-Swedish EcoCity is a unique project, spanning over an area of 2.4 km 2. The project served to showcase different technological solutions in the area of energy efficiency and sustainability that can be used as a hotbed for innovation development and large-scale implementation.

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