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  • When the environment does not match your abilities

    The year is 2019, and Ulrika Georgsson is engaged in meeting the new law on digital accessibility. She reads all details of the law and teaches how KTH's web editors should create content. Then, she suddenly hits the wall. She becomes one of those in need of the adaptations made with the disabled in mind and gets food for thought.

  • All genders try to be macho

    When was the last time you were genuinely interested in a colleague's ideas? And can you be yourself at work? Maybe strange questions, but crucial for your wellbeing and performance at work.

  • "Once upon a time I was invisible…"

    Being in a room, unnoticed and unable to understand the language, can bring on feelings of exclusion. What happens to us when we don't understand what’s being said? Ulrika Georgsson, a member of one of the ITM School's JML groups, casts her mind back to moments she would rather forget.

  • The meeting idols in my life

    There are plenty of meaningless meetings. The ones where you wonder why you are invited, meetings that you do not understand the purpose of, or where everyone suddenly has technical problems and disappears. Or worse, meetings that you attend but are not noticed. But some people know how to make meetings effective; Ulrika Georgsson remembers her favorites.

  • Many people remain silent

    In Sweden, we are often bad at saying what we think. Afraid of conflicts, we prefer to nag on our own without saying outright what we see. But if we practice giving and receiving feedback, we may get more inclusive and equal workplaces. Ulrika Georgsson discusses this in her column.

  • “They’re not with us”

    We all have our prejudices, no matter how hard we try to shake them off . What matters is how we act on them. Ulrika Georgsson, Communications Officer at the School of Industrial Engineering and Management, believes that knowledge and intention go a long way, as does admitting we sometimes think unfitting thoughts.

  • A JML beginner’s reflections

    Gender equality at work is not just about the proportion of women and men or fair wages. It is also about what is deeply rooted in the organisation - the culture. Ulrika Georgsson, Communications Officer at ITM and new to the JML group, reflects in her chronicle on gender equality and diversity.

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