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  • Call to Support and Coordination Actions on (long-term) Data Storage, Data Lab, and Data Factories

    Availability of useful data will be the key to success of many research activities in the digitalization domain. A data lab that provides data and the support on how to use the data has a high potential for data driven innovations. Accordingly there are related activities ongoing on national level and preparations on KTH-level. In particular, VINNOVA has currently a call on “Data lab and data factory as a national resource”.

  • The Digitalization Platform should catalyze multidisciplinary research activities

    Tobias Oechtering is a Professor in the Information Science and Engineering division of the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science school. His own research is mostly theoretical in the area of information theory and statistical signal processing. Dealing with the fundamentals allows him to quickly adapt to new application domains, where he strongly benefits from the collaboration with researchers from the corresponding domains. Jointly with his PhD students, he currently pursue research in privacy, identification, learning, and wireless communications.

  • Internal pages of KTH Digitalization Platform

    The purpose of the internal web pages of KTH Digitalization Platform is to build a multidisciplinary community for the researchers and students within the platform as well as building bridges to the other strategic research platforms at KTH - Energy, Industrial Transformation, Materials, Transport, and Life Science.

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