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  • KTH Environmental Humanities Laboratory

    KTH Environmental Humanities Laboratory (EHL) is an initiative at the Division of History of Science, Technology and Environment.

  • KTH-Sustainability Research Day 2012

    On October 11th we gathered researchers from all around KTH to join in conversations and presentations on: Research for the environment, and a sustainable brighter tomorrow.

  • News from KTH-Sustainability, February 2015

    This month: Från Vetenskap till Verklighet - Seminarium om hållbar utveckling med IVL och KTH *Future and Emerging Technologies, FET-OPEN * Call for Papers: The 7th Tensions of Europe Conference: Technology and Environment * Stormvarning Sessions III * Solar Lab Inauguration * ICT for Transport workshop * Dissertations * Sustainability-related vacancies at KTH * KTH in the media

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