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  • A Social Robot in a Fur Cap

    The talking robotic head Furhat will be presented by KTH researchers at the RobotVille Festival in London December 1-4.

  • Robots that lend a “hand” carrying objects are a breakthrough for human-machine cooperation

    Physical interaction between robots and humans is advancing to a new level, as researchers report.

  • Department of Intelligent Systems

    We conduct research and education in the general area of intelligent systems. Our research activities range from basic and theoretical to applications in autonomous systems, robotics, AI and machine learning, media processing, sensors, micro and nanosystems, and communications.

  • KTH researchers developing new approaches to robotics

    Robotics has the potential to unlock large benefits for society, but new applications, such as assistive robotics functions in healthcare require fundamental breakthroughs in how robots reason and interact with the world. Associate Professor Florian Pokorny leads two new research projects that push the boundaries of data-driven robotics.

  • New clothing design mimics muscles used when singing

    Researchers develop garment that can emulate what it feels like when someone is singing, breaking new ground in making performing arts more interactive and immersive.

  • How you speak matters – not only what you say

    The Stockholm region competition of the Forskar Grand Prix took place during ForskarFredag on 30 September. Sanne van Waveren from the department of robotics, perception and learning took second place. Read about her experience in communicating with a general audience.

  • Towards complexity-aware-decision-making for robots

    Is it possible to optimise robots' decision-making so that decisions are good and simple? Yes, doctoral student Elis Stefansson's research has shown that. Now, he has won the Outstanding Student Paper Prize 2022 by the IEEE Control Systems Society Technical Committee on Hybrid Systems. This prize is given annually at the IEEE Conference on Decision and Control.

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