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  • Past events

  • Cities for All: Gentrification, Public Space, and the Tools of Placemaking

    The Centre for the Future of Places was a proud sponsor and co-organizer of the "Cities for All" conference that took place on April 12-13 2018 at Färgfabriken in Stockholm.

  • Symposium + RTC on the Environmental Humanities

    NIES Symposium V: "Environmental Humanities: Cultural perspectives on nature and the environment" ("Gröna humaniora: Kulturella perspektiv på natur och miljö"), Sigtuna Foundation 14-16 October 2011 Researcher Training Course: "Advancing Theory and Method in the Environmental Humanities", Sigtuna Foundation 14-19 October 2011

  • "The Environmental Humanities: Cultural Perspectives on Nature and the Environment"

    An international research symposium to be held at Sigtunastiftelsen 14-16 October 2011.

  • 'Paper cups don't exactly scream credibility'

    If KTH is to become credible in environmental matters, it needs to practice what it preaches. Or more precisely, what it researches. This is the view of the Energy Platform's management, which decided on a completely ecological profile for the Energy Dialogue conference. Now all the other conference organisers at KTH are being challenged to do the same thing – but even better.

  • Conference: Digital Utilities Europe 2019

    What do resilient infrastructures mean for utilities? The conference Digital Utilities Europe will once again bring together key industry stakeholders to address current challenges of the digitisation in the utilities sector and receive expert insights on business cases, financial aspects and technological advancements in the industry. It will feature latest case studies, discussions and interactive networking sessions focusing on latest innovation and technology, cyber security, customer experience and much more.

  • Money and time more important than the environment

    Many companies have clear guidelines to ensure that the number of business trips will decrease in favour of travel-free meetings. A research group at KTH has looked closely at the factors that determine how meetings take place, and the result is that money, time and a fear of technology, play a crucial role.

  • CDIS Spring Conference 2023

    On Thursday, May 25, we arranged the CDIS Spring Conference.

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