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  • New research project on menarche experiences in sports

    The design research project Menarche Bits explores how digital technologies can make space for young people’s menarche experiences in sports. KTH has recently entered a collaboration with the National Physical Education program (NIU) at Solna Gymnasium, where they have carried out design workshops with the students.

  • CHI 2021 Awards for MID Researchers

    We are pleased to announce that our researchers have been awarded Best Papers and Honorable Mentions in CHI 2021.

  • The role of artificial intelligence in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

    A joint publication by Ricardo Vinuesa (KTH), Hossein Azizpour (KTH), Iolanda Leite (KTH), Madeline Balaam (KTH), Virginia Dignum (Umeå University), Sami Domisch (Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries, Germany), Anna Felländer (AI Sustainability Center, Sweden), Simone Daniela Langhans (University of Otago), Max Tegmark (MIT), and Francesco Fuso Nerini (KTH) has just recently been published in NATURE.

  • Awards from CHI2020

    MID EECS is proud to announce that we have won one best paper award and three honourable mention awards at the ACM SIGCHI flagship conference CHI 2020! 

  • Bernadotte Scholarship for Emma Frid

    Our recent PhD graduate Emma Frid, who defended her thesis titled "Diverse Sounds" in January, has just been awarded scholarship in the Bernadotte programme.

  • Kick-off for the KTH centre NAVET

    On a cold Tuesday evening in January, a new centre formation was opened at KTH - where KTH collaborates with KMH Royal College of Music, SKH Stockholm University of the Arts and Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design. The focus of the centre is the meeting between art, technology, and design.

  • Graduate school a future of groundbreaking research

    Two doctoral students from EECS, out of a total of 35 from different universities across Sweden, participated in the first meeting of the WASP-HS graduate school. For two days, they engaged in a virtual conference that will benefit and develop their continued career in the AI field.

  • KTH sound experts add new dimension to the understanding of our universe

    New initiative helps astronomers not only to observe the universe, but also to listen to it.

  • Emerging digital platforms force waste management rethink

    Crowd-sourced waste disposal services push the legal and ethical boundaries on who should take care of our waste.

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