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  • KTH is strengthening future roads through the Swedish Transport Administration's major investment

    The future road network faces major challenges. Roads are worn out as a result of increasingly heavy traffic and climate change. Electric and self-driving vehicles require new road solutions. Now, the Swedish Transport Administration is investing close to half a billion Swedish kronor in 12 years of road engineering research through the new national road engineering competence centre (KCV). 

  • "KTH can contribute to creating something unique in the Stockholm region"

    Since 1 June 2022, Magnus Burman at the SCI school has been the new director of KTH's Transport Platform. He sees climate change as the most critical issue in the transport area and that the pace must increase in the transport system change. At the same time, academia, society and industry must keep pace, have a consensus and have a long-term perspective on the work of reducing environmental impact.

  • Autonomous transport systems can benefit both society and the climate

    20 September 2022 saw the network event entitled "Autonomous transportation – Challenge in digitalisation and solution to sustainability?" at KTH Campus. Attended by researchers and representatives of the commercial and government sectors, the event included presentations and discussions on the challenges and opportunities in this field.

  • New IPCC report 4 April: Industry and its transition are important for the climate

    On 4 April 2022, IPCC published a new report on the climate. It is the sixth in a row since 1990 and the latest since 2014. Unfortunately, this is not good news. We risk moving towards global warming of 3.2°C by 2100 (without strengthening policies beyond those implemented at the end of 2020). If we do not want this to become a reality, comprehensive, revolutionary and structural changes are needed in all countries and sectors. A change is required - and quickly. This is common knowledge; why is it going so slowly?

  • KTH Industrial Transformation Platform strengthen project "Fordonsdalen"

    Region Stockholm, together with KTH Industrial Transformation Platform, runs the project Fordonsdalen Stockholm. The project aims to strengthen the regional automotive industry's competitiveness in the transition to the sustainable transport system of the future.

  • Fordonsdalen Stockholm is expanding

    In June, the new project "Fordonsdalen React" got funding from the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth and the ERDF. Fordonsdalen React is a collaborative project between the Stockholm Region, KTH and Kista Science City. The project encompasses a total of SEK 15.7 million and runs between July 2021 and October 2023.

  • Science Week 2022 seminar films online

    In the beginning of February 2022, the annual event Science Week was arranged by Södertälje Science Park, KTH, AstraZeneca, Scania and Södertälje municipality together with a large number of other actors and focuses on sustainability.

  • Inventory identifies new area of strength for Stockholm region's automotive industry

    In August 2022, Fordonsdalen Stockholm organised its second high-level meeting with Regional Chair Gustav Hemming (c) as chairman. During the meeting, it was discussed, among other things, that the interface between the automotive industry, the ICT sector and the broader mobility area has the potential to become a new area of strength for the Stockholm region.

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