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KTH Education 2027/2028 - a Vision

The project KTH Education of Tomorrow describes possible future scenarios for students, teachers, alumni and employers. We have created concrete descriptions in the form of a fictitious course brochure to encourage discussion and further work for developing our education for the 200th anniversary in the 2027/2028 academic year.

KTH Education 2027/2028 (pdf 3.6 MB)

About the project

Some twenty representatives from KTH and associated organizations met in August 2016 for a workshop around the future of engineering education. The results have been compiled into a fictitious educational brochure, presented here. This is a thought experiment and does in no way represent a commitment by KTH to offer the programmes or concepts described herein.

Gunnar Karlsson
Gunnar Karlsson prof., deputy head of division +4687904257 Profile