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The KTH course schedule is centrally planned by the Scheduling Team. You can search the full KTH schedule from this website, which links you to the scheduling system TimeEdit. For example, you can search for a course, a program, or departmental activity.


2019-05-01. Schedules for Autumn term 2019 now published and available in Schedule search .

2019-03-22. Exam date and times may not be changed after they have been published, as stated by a recent edict from the administration, v-2019-0109.

Where do I find the schedule information for my course?

To locate schedules for courses and programmes or a specific element, click on Search Schedules, below. Search instructions are avaliable as a website  or a pdf (pdf 438 kB) .  

Search Schedules

How do I request a schedule?

for the autumn courses needs to be submitted in January. The Schedule Request Form for the spring courses needs to be submitted in June.

  1. The Schedule Request Form  (called "schemaunderlag" in Swedish) is submitted to the Scheduling Office:
    • Autumn courses are requested in January,
    • Spring courses are requested in June.
  2. The Scheduling Office publishies a provisional schedule for faculty and staff to review.  
  3. Faculty and Staff approve the provisional schedule and/or make requests for changes in the Assesment Period  (“remiss period” in Swedish).
  4. The final schedule is published for the students prior to the course election period for the following semester. Once the schedule is published, NO CHANGES may be made to Exam days or times. 

Correcting errors in the schedule

Changes should be made under the schedule review period.  

To request changes, contact:

For questions regarding the schedule in KTH Social, please contact VC-team,


You can chose to link your search to your digital calendar. While searching the schedule program TimeEdit, click on Subscribe in the upper right hand corner and follow the directions to link your calendar.  

Search a previous year’s schedule

Use the below link to search any schedule from and including Autumn term 2016 (ht-16).  

Search a previous schedule

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