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Review Your Preliminary Schedule

The Schedule Review Period gives course and programme responsibles a chance to review and request changes to the preliminary schedule before it is finalized.

About the Review Period

The schedule is set by the scheduling office following the submission of the schedule request  of each course. The course and programme responsibles then receive a preliminary schedule (in Swedish: schemaremiss) to review in order to ensure it meets the course or programme needs.

This happens in October for spring courses, and in April for autumn courses. Exact dates can be found at Calendar - Scheduling .

Find the Preliminary Schedule

You can find the preliminary schedule by signing in as Staff at .

Find preliminary schedule

Request changes

To request changes to your preliminary schedule, email the scheduling team at .

It is important that changes are made in the review period. Review your exams carefully since exams can not be rescheduled once the review period is passed. 

If you are happy with your preliminary schedule you do not need to do anything, but be aware that changes can still happen. Your schedule is final once the final schedule is published.  

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Last changed: Dec 13, 2023