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LH225V Gender Theory and Gender Equality in Technical Higher Education 4.5 credits

Advanced course - Prerequisite LH231V or equivalent course from KTH or other university.

This course should contribute to relevant knowledge on gender research and gender equality, as well as the basics on how this knowledge can be used in various ways in teaching and learning in higher education, in the classroom, in program syllabus development as well as in learning environments and organisational development work of higher education departments.

Time: Wed 2023-08-30 09.15

Course contents

Teachers should be able to discuss how a gender perspective can be integrated in one´s teaching, i.e. how a gender perspective could develop the subject content. Further, teachers should be able to strive for a gender-conscious teaching and learning, and integration of knowledge of gender equality in teaching, in development of learning environments and in educational programmes. The aim is that the education, the learning environments and the organisation at KTH should be characterised by gender equality and contribute to knowledge development in the technical areas of KTH, with a focus on gender and equality.

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