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Priority group meet up on sustainability and equality in education

This PriU group is an informal forum for teachers, programme directors and others involved in education at KTH to meet, share experiences and ideas on education for sustainable development and gender equality.

Time: Thu 2023-11-30 13.15 - 15.00

Video link: Zoom

Language: English

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The theme for the meetings will be about collegial leadership for change with regards to sustainability, equality, and justice, what it means and how we organize it.

We will have two presentations and one workshop on this meeting:

Jon-Erik Dahlin will talk about a sustainability module that utilises classroom games and a flipped classroom approach. The module has been taught in various forms across 7 courses (almost 500 students) during the 2023 autumn. Over the years, it has been given across dozens of courses and thousands of students at KTH. The module utilises active learning (using a range of educational games) in combination with flipped classroom (using pre-recorded video lectures, readings, and online reflections assignments). It is intended as an engaging introduction to sustainability, which is taught in the first year to lay a foundation for (i) sustainability awareness, (ii) key competencies for sustainability, and (iii) reflections on the disciplinary relevancy of sustainability within the students’ particular education programme. Having this foundation facilitates for effective integration of sustainability in the senior years of their studies. In the presentation, we will discuss how the methodology of teacher teams in combination with the training of teacher assistants for sustainability have been used to organise this endeavour.

Gunnar Tibert will talk about"What leadership is required for the systematic integration of Gender equality, diversity and inclusion in education?"

The integration of sustainable development and Gender equality, diversity and inclusion have long been in focus at KTH, and its systematics are monitored within the quality assurance system. Despite this theme being a focus for such a long time, integration is slower than desired. This presentation describes how the SCI school in 2021 initiated a journey towards a systematic integration of Gender equality, diversity and inclusion and intersectionality across all master's programs at the school. The presentation also outlines the tactical organizational choices made to facilitate this integration project.

Carlos Casanuevawill hold a workshop on: Examination and evaluation of sustainability goals in technical engineering programs – how to balance the degree objectives with the examination of modules in specific courses, while having an integrated sustainability vision for the program and a clear technical specialisation.


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