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Student perspective and influence Priority group

The Prority groups are an informal but important and established forum for teachers, programme managers, students and others involved in education at KTH to meet, share experiences and ideas about education. The goal of this Priority group is for teaching staff to work actively, continuously and systematically with professional market integration in their field of expertise.

Time: Tue 2024-03-05 11.30 - 13.00

Location: M312 Brinellvägen 68

Language: Swedish & English

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AI in higher education and policies related to examination.
More information on  Generative AI in higher education

Students play an important role in the university's quality work.

Student influence is crucial to maintaining high quality higher education and promoting democratic participation. Student unions play an important role by appointing representatives to decision-making bodies in higher education institutions. This voluntary participation allows students to shape their programmes. The regulatory framework, including the Higher Education Act and the Student Union Ordinance, ensures students' right to representation in decisions concerning education and their institutional situation.

The UKÄ's quality assurance system must cover both state higher education institutions and individual education providers. It is important that the system includes a student perspective during reviews. Including student influence aims to enable students to actively monitor the quality of programmes, making it a crucial aspect that no HEI can overlook.

THS report "A chair is not a study place"

Maja Rosén Head of Educational Influence and Eric Forsell Study Environment Manager have written the report "A chair is not a study place". The lack of available study places has a negative impact on students' mental health and performance. This relationship has been recognised by THS, especially during the pandemic. It was also confirmed in a student survey in spring 2023. The THS report "A chair is not a study place" on study places for self-study is available here Report - A chair is not a study place  (In Swedish)

They will talk about the report in table discussions in the Priority group Self-study places for students.
Can also be read or downloaded as a pdf by scanning this QR-code.

QR-code En stol är inte en studieplats
QR-code En stol är inte en studieplats

Student influence for the development of education at KTH.

THS Managers for Educational Empowerment