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Time plan defence of doctoral thesis

The public defence of doctoral thesis (disputation) must take place between 7 January and 15 June or between 15 August and 20 December.

Doctoral students who wish to present their doctoral thesis must inform the School no later than seven weeks during term-time before the date set for the disputation. These seven weeks may not include the period from 16 June to 14 August. Remember to book a room for the defence as well as to book time for publishing the thesis well in advance.

The forms that you need can be downloaded from the Blankettarkivet (Form archive)  at KTH. For more detailed information please contact your Doctoral studies administrator at the department.

Time plan



Handled by

At the latest 9 weeks before the defence

Main supervisor proposes an advance reviewer (the advance reviewer must have at least 10 days to do the review).

  • Form: Advance reviewer for licentiate thesis/doctoral thesis
Main supervisor

At the latest 7 weeks before

Submit the following to the Doctoral studies administrator at the department/division, you can find the forms in the "Form archive" at KTH, address see above.

  • Form: Application - thesis defence "Anmälan - Disputation",
  • Form: Quality Review "Summering av kvalitetsgranskning",
  • Form: Distribution address list "Distributionslista, doktorsavhandling"

Doctoral student in cooperation with the main supervisor

At the latest 5 weeks before

The above forms are sent to the Doctoral studies officers, ABE School's office, Teknikringen 74 D

Administrator at the department

At the latest 3 weeks before

The doctoral thesis must be made available in electronic form through Diva (posted).

See the following page for more information Posting a doctoral thesis

Doctoral student

At the latest 3 weeks before

Decision of the defence of the doctoral thesis is distributed.

Director of third cycle education and doctoral studies officer, ABE

At the latest 3 weeks before

The thesis has to be distributed, see Distribution list

Doctoral student

1 week before

The minutes (Protokoll) for the disputation is sent to the main supervisor.

Doctoral studies officer, ABE

After the defence

The minutes (Protokoll) are sent to the Doctoral studies officer at ABE school's office, Teknikringen 74 D

Main supervisor


All courses are to be completed and registered in Ladok.

Administrator at the department


Thesis is registered in Ladok.

Doctoral studies officer, ABE


The application for a Degree Certificate should be made online through Personal menu/Services

Doctoral student


The application is reviewed first by the Doctoral studies officer at the school and then by a Degree officer at KTH, central administration.

All KTH Degree Certificates are issued as electronic documents.

Doctoral studies officer, ABE

Degree officer KTH