In progress at ABE - September 2018

Read here about a few of the processes, investigations and decisions currently being processed at the ABE School.

Programme councils are to be appointed for all the school's doctoral programmes. The term of office of the programme councils follows the mandate of the current Programme Directors (PA), until 2022-06-30. PA, together with deputy PA, has been asked to submit proposals for principal supervisors / teacher representatives who may be included in the council by 10 September. If possible, the Director of Third Cycle Education (FA) recommends that all principal supervisors within the programme should be included. It is also possible to suggest external members / industry representatives. The programme councils should also include doctoral student representatives, which the school is in dialogue with THS about as they appoint all student representatives. Head of school appoints the programme councils in consultation with FA.

The school is forming a work group for gender equality, diversity and equal treatment issues (JML). The group will consist of representatives from the school's six departmetns, HR and the School's Office of Student Affairs. The idea is to meet at least twice a semester and discuss school level JML-related issues. The first meeting will take place in September. The group will be led by the school's Director of Gender Equality, Diversity and Equal Treatment (JMLA) Mats Wilhelmsson.

The process has been initiated to appoint Programme Directors for the school's first and second cycle programmes for the period 1 January 2019 -- 31 December 2022. The reason is that the current term of office (with extension) for the school's Programme Directors (PA) expires by the end of the year. The school's Head of Departments have been asked to submit proposals for PA for the education programmes with subjects connected to the department. For the Degree Programme in Civil Engineering and Urban Management, all Heads of Departments with subjects in the programme can submit proposals.The proposals should be submitted by the respective Head of Department by 1 September 2018.

In selecting PA, the ABE School will strive to meet the requirements described in "Rapport om förtydligade ansvarsområden för GA, FA och PA" (GA, FA and PA Responsibilities Clarification Report - V-2017-1117, 2018-03-25) that "For GA and PA at First and Second Cycle Education level: Experience of teaching at first and second cycle education level, experience of being a course responsible teacher and examiner, and experience in conducting research with a completed doctoral degree or alternatively having relevant work experience (applicable to Bachelor of Science in Engineering-programme + Architect-programme). GA and PA should have taken courses in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education and have examination rights during their term of office." [unofficial translation from report V-2017-1117, in the event of any discrepancy between the Swedish and English versions, the Swedish original will take precedence].

Programme Directors are appointed by the ABE school Head of School after consultation with the school's Directors of First and Second Cycle Education (GA). Before submitting the proposals to the Head of School, all proposals must have be anchored with the student representative (GRU) in the School Executive Group.

A review of the role of responsibility for the school's architectural education has been decided by the Head of School. This decision follows the recent KTH decision that each school may only have one Director of First and Second Cycle Education (GA), which means a change for the ABE school. The school has two Directors of First and Second Cycle Education (Responsbile for the Built environment, and Architecture, respectively) and has been granted an exemption to keep the current organisation in 2018. Before 2019, the school must therefore review how the quality of the Architecture education can be ensured both organisationally and operatively. A working group has appointed and the final report of the investigation is scheduled to be complete by mid-October.

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