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Evacuation routines for teaching staff

Here you can download the ABE school information sheet on evacuation routines for teaching staff.

The information sheet is intended to guide all teaching staff in case of an evacuation situation when teaching. The information sheet shows what is expected of the teaching staff on these occasions and what needs to be done.

Fire/evacuation routines: Instructions for teachers

Before the beginning of a seminar/lecture

•Make sure that you know where the emergency exits are.

•Check the evacuation plan to see where the assembly point for evacuation is located. The evacuation plan is placed on the wall at the entrance of the seminar room/lecture hall.

In case of fire/emergency alarm

•Interrupt all class activities immediately.

•Ask the students to leave the seminar room/lecture hall and go to the assembly point. Everyone should leave through the nearest smoke-clear emergency exit. Do not use the lift.

•Your personal safety comes first! Do not take any unnecessary risks.

•Follow instructions from KTH:s appointed evacuation officers (in orange vests marked “utrymningsledare”).

•Call 112

After the evacuation

•Remain at the assembly point until the rescue manager/emergency services have confirmed that you may return to the premises.

•If you have questions, contact KTH:s evacuation officers.