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Document management

KTH as a public authority keeps, produces and receives public documents. Examples of such documents are KTH's research reports and course documents. The handling of public documents is governed by laws and regulations.

General information about document management

Documents to be registered should be submitted to the department's registrar. Registration is made in W3D3, which is an administrative support system for registration of public documents and an electronic document management system.

Other ways of handling documents are, for example:

  •   Register in IT systems
  •   Sort into binder
  •   Hand in to the local administrator according to the school's routines

The document management plan shows which documents are public and whether they should be kept or handled in any other way and whether they should be preserved or culled. The document management plan is constantly evolving. Should you miss any documents, contact your local registrar.

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Last changed: Apr 20, 2020