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Booking of DiSa, Teknikringen 78

At the turn of the year 2021/2022, the ABE school's new lab, DiSa (Teknikringen 78) was inaugurated. The DiSa lab is a living workshop with 'state of the art' digital tools that can be used in teaching, e.g. in project courses. The lab is now open for booking for school staff.

The following applies to booking the Lab for a Digital Built Environment (DiSa), room 345, Teknikringen 78

  1. Booking inquiries are made via the booking form below.
  2. The booking is made no later than 7 days in advance and must mainly apply to teaching activities.
  3. The booking request will be assessed in relation to other planned activities and if the booking is possible, the booking will be confirmed within 3 working days (during term time) after the request.
  4. A rental is charged for booking DiSa. Cost: SEK 890 / hour (internal price for KTH).
  5. The person who books the room is responsible for tidying up the room as well as cleaning up after themselves and restoring the placement of furniture in the room.
  6. If canceled less than 14 days before use, full charge will be charged.