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Self-reporting for employees

How to view information about your employment, apply for leave, etc.

Log in to self-reporting

Log in to Under Services in the top menu bar, select Self-reporting (HR+).

Self-reporting has two parts: My pages and My cases.

My pages 

On My pages, you can update your address details and contact details of next of kin, etc. You can also view information about your position, holidays and tax details; and download your pay slips.

My personal data

Here, you can change your address, telephone number and who is your next of kin. We encourage you to name at least one relative/next of kin who can be contacted in case of emergency. Provide the person with this information: Information to next of kin (pdf 94 kB) . Do not forget to Save.

My position

Here, you can view information about your position (appointment). If you have several positions, you can switch between them using the arrows next to the Cancel button.

My vacation

Your vacation days are shown here. Future vacation that you have reported, but which have not yet taken place, are not deducted. These are deducted in the month of the vacation in question.

My tax information

Here, you can view your tax table, any tax adjustments and the current year’s accumulated gross pay and paid tax.


Tick the period you want to view and press Payslip spec online (presentation). You can only view one period at a time. When a pay slip is displayed, you can download or print it out.

My cases 

You report the following case types under My cases.


Under Deviations, you select whether you are going to apply for vacation, leave of absence, parental leave or other leave. Under Type, you select which sub-type of leave you are applying for.

Complete the Start and End dates of the leave using the date selector next to the fields.

Extent is the extent of the absence from your position. If you are going to be entirely absent, leave this box empty. If, for example, you are going to be absent for half of your present working hours, you enter 0.5

Vacation days are not deducted for non working days

Example: If you are having a holiday over Christmas and New Year, apply with the start date in From and the end date in To, Vacation days are only deducted for working days.

Child’s date of birth

When you apply for parental leave, the child’s date of birth (or estimated date of birth) must always be entered in the message field.

Save vacation no later than 15 May

Select Vacation and Wish to save vacation. Enter the day’s date in both the fields start and end. Then, in the hrs/no. field, enter the number of days you wish to save.

Press Save. The row is moved down to case reporting. If you want to register several rows before reporting them for examination, you repeat the above step.

Repeated leave of absence or parental leave

Repeated leave of absence or parental leave for a period of two full weeks (Monday to Sunday) or more, the leave of absence must be reported in percentage over the entire period. Example: Parental leave every Monday for three weeks, report from Monday in the first week to Sunday in the last week with percent in the extent field.

Registering cases

When you are ready, select the row using the checkbox and press the Send button. The row is then reported for examination and approval.

Case reporting

Sickness & care of sick children

Reporting is as above, but takes place after the event.

Replacing an unpaid qualifying day with a vacation day

This presupposes that you are entitled to more than 20 days of paid vacation for the calendar year. Reporting is done in two steps. First, report the entire illness period (first day of absence included therein). Next, create a new row and select Type: Changing qualifying day/vacation one day. Enter the first day of absence through illness in both “as of” and “to end of”. When both rows have been saved, select them and press Send.

Vacation during sick leave

From the 15th day of absence through illness, you can register Vacation during sick leave. The extent must be the same as the sick leave.

Sick extent

From days 1-14 of the sick period, sick leave can be reported on a stepless scale from 1 to 100 percent. The extent is reported by 0,01 to 1 in the scope field.

Conversion table minutes to hundredths (pdf 398 kB)

From day 15 of the sick period, sick leave usually reported to the extent of 0,25 -- 0,50 -- 0,75 or 1. In cases where you have another parallel part-time absence, you need to take it into account when calculating the scope. 

Overtime & additional hours

This paragraph does not apply to teachers.

Extra hours normally apply only to part-time employees and overtime to full-time employees. Qualified overtime is:

  • between 19.00 on Friday and 07.00 on Monday;
  • between 19.00 on the eve of Epiphany, May Day, Ascension or Sweden’s National Day and 07.00 on the next weekday;
  • between 19.00 on Maundy Thursday and 07.00 on the day after Easter Monday;
  • between 19.00 on the day before Midsummer’s Eve, Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve and 07.00 on the next weekday after the eve of the holiday; and,
  • in general, between 22.00 and 06.00.

Reporting is to be after the event and on a day basis. Thus, create a new row for each day that you worked overtime/extra hours. Minutes report in hundredths.

Under hrs./no., enter the number of hours. Extra hours must not exceed 175 per calendar year. Overtime must not exceed 150 hours per calendar year. Where a part-time employee reports extra hours up to an amount equating to a full-time position and then reports overtime, the combined total of these hours must not be over 200.

The org., project and activity fields can be used for special accounting of the row. If the fields are left empty, the row is entered in the standard account for your appointment.

Case history and annulment

Your reported cases and their status are shown here. If you want to undo/annul a reported case, do as follows:

  1. Select the old case in the list under Case history and press the Annul button at the bottom.
  2. Then click the menu from which you first submitted the case (if you are annulling a holidays row, click Leave). If you wish not just to annul a case, but also to report new details, it is only now that you add this row.
  3. Your annulled and newly registered rows are now both in the report section of the window. Select the row(s) and press Send to submit for annulment/correction.
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