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KTH's HR-system consists of two parts: The Self-reporting system where you report sickleave, parental leave, vacation and other types of leaves regarding yourself. The other part is HR-plus, KTH's salary system, that is mainly used by HR Administrators and payroll officers

Self-reporting system

In KTH's self-reporting system you report sick leave, parental leave, vacation and other leave. After review and approval, the cases are transferred to HR-plus, which is KTH's salary system. You do not register expenses in the self-reporting system, but in KTH res.

In order to ensure correct salary payments to employees, the main rule is that everything that applies to the current month shall be approved continuously by your manager in the self-reporting system and KTH-res, but no later than the 15'th

It is especially important that all absences that affect wages such as ex. leave of absence is registered and approved in good time before the leave starts to avoid you getting an ev. pay liability.


HR-plus is KTH's HR and payroll system. Authorised personell can see information about employees, register fees, change accounting and more. Authorisation is requested through your HR manager.

Do you have questions regarding the HR-systems?

For questions about the self-reporting system, please e-mail:

For questions about HR Plus, please e-mail: