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Manager in the Self-Reporting

This manual covers how to handle cases in the self-reporting and shows information about your staff

The Manager view contains two submenus: Cases and My staff.


Here you handle cases for your staff, e.g. applications for leave and vacation.

Case Acceptance

Cases to be processed are shown here. Check the box for the case you want to process, then click one of the buttons:

  • Update - The case is updated with information you added to the line
  • Accept - The case is forwarded to the payroll system
  • Reject - The case is rejected

Ongoing cases

All cases that have not yet been approved or rejected are shown here

Leave, Sickleave & Care of sick children, Overtime & additional hours

In these three windows you can register corresponding cases on your staff.

  1. Check the box next to the employee you want to register a case with
  2. Press the button at the top, e.g. Overtime / additional hours
  3. Register the case in the same way as when you register a case for yourself in Self-reporting, see the manual Self-reporting for employees

Cases history

Here you can show all historical cases to your staff. Select the check box for the person whose case history you want to view, then press the Cases History button.

My Staff

Here you show information about your staff. This part of the manual will be expanded.

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Last changed: May 18, 2021