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Research Workshop

Collaboration between KTH Royal Institute of Technology and University of Strathclyde

As leading technological Universities, KTH and the University of Strathclyde (Scotland) have had a close working relationship through CESAER for many years. This has been developed further through a series of reciprocal visits between our institutions since 2020, which have enthusiastically explored opportunities for further engagement across research, teaching and learning and operational activities.

Time: Mon 2023-12-04 09.00 - Tue 2023-12-05 13.00

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To further continue this collaboration and deepen our knowledge together, a 1.5-day workshop will be held at KTH in Stockholm on the 4th – 5th December 2023 to drive forward ideas and concepts for collaboration which arose from the initial discussions back in March 2023, into tangible and realistic research questions and plans.


The workshop will include a range of activities including:

  • Learning from previously successful seed funded projects and collaborations
  • Understanding of current funding opportunities (both internal and external)
  • Workshops sessions where thematic area leads will facilitate:
  • Sharing current interests and areas of work
  • Development of questions and ideas for collaboration – which could include plans for joint outputs such as publications etc.
  • Identification of potential collaborators and partners beyond the workshop group
  • Initial development of proposal outlines

The objectives of the workshop are:

  • Identify areas of mutual research and teaching and learning interest within the four thematic areas
  • Develop research questions and opportunities for cross learning for collaborative proposals
  • Identify funding sources (internal seed or external)
  • Begin the initial proposal development alongside a longer clear plan for completion and submission to funders


Please register for the event no later than 17 november: Registration link

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