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Dardel Supercomputer Inauguration

PDC and NAISS invite researchers from the academic, public and private sectors, as well as others who are interested in high-performance computing, to the inauguration of Dardel, the most powerful computing system in Sweden.
When you register for the inauguration, you may also sign up for a tour of the PDC computer hall to see Dardel and learn about the infrastructure that keeps such a massive system functioning.

Time: Wed 2023-08-23 13.00 - 16.45

Location: Hörsal F2, Lindstedtsvägen 22, KTH, 114 28 Stockholm

Language: English


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13.00-14.00: Dardel background and inauguration

14.00-15.00: Refreshments

14.20-14.50: VIP tour of the computer hall for speakers

15.00-16.00: Scientific use cases run on Dardel

16.00-16.45: The life of Thora Dardel

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