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Purchasing and procurement

Here you can find information about how to do when you need to buy something.

KTH Procurement department is responsible for carrying out all procurement at KTH where the value of the contract exceeds the direct procurement limit (currently, and as from January 1 2020 615 312 excl. VAT).
The procurement group has developed a procedure for how coordination between the schools and the procurement group will proceed, so that the procurement group can plan and carry out procurement during the year. Read more about this on the page "Procurement over the direct procurement limit".

For information about direct procurement and the process of procurement exeeding the direct procurement limit, please contact the purchase administrator at "your" school. (Our current pages about processes and direct procurement are for the time being opened only to purchase administrators).

The intranet for procurement consists of the information you find here but also of the information you find on the local intranet for procurement for each school. On the intranet for your school you will find information about who is the procurement advisor on your school and if there is someone else who work with procurement and purchasing. You should in first hand talk to them if you need to buy anything. Each school have there own rules for who is allowed to buy what. Read more about the rules on your school before you start!

If it is you who would buy something, you must first control if there are any framework agreement that you can use.

If there is no framework agreement that you can use you have to do a formal procurement according to the Swedish Act of Public Procurement. How to do this procurement depends on what you are going to buy, a commission or a product, and the cost for it.

But to be sure to do it right contact the procurement advisor on your school who will help you with your procurement. If the procurement advisor is not able to help you, you can ask the central Procurement Group.

If you are a supplier and want to read about procurement on KTH go to the web site

For suppliers